Atlanta – how it became the new Mecca for hip hop

For years we have seen unmatched talent flood out of the east and west coast. Untouchables like The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy — the list goes on. Back in the late 80s to the 90s, the music industry was run by the coasts. Now we are seeing artists pop out of […]

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The (r)evolution of “Queer” in Contemporary Music

Following the release of Frank Ocean’s monumental new album, Blonde , the topic of sexuality cascaded through the internet. As a publicly non-heterosexual, black man in hip-hop, the reactions to his album reflected the state of the public view on the LGBTQ community within society. Although the album (accompanied by a zine, pop-up store, and […]

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Young Thug introduces us to his “Best Friend”

Let’s face it, Atlanta’s resident weirdo and certified hitmaker Young Thug is here to stay. The recently turned 23 year old premiered a highly anticipated track called Best Friend, that borrows part of its hook from a viral video from one Tokyo Vanity. The track is a single from his upcoming mixtape Slime Season, which was originally supposed […]

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Young Thug Releases New Track “Paradise”

Although Slime Season, his collaborative mixtape with right-hand man London on da Track was pushed back this week, Young Thug decided to give his fans a little something to hold themselves over this Fourth of July weekend. Produced by Allen Ritter, a frequent collaborator of Drake’s and Travis Scott’s, Paradise might be one of Thug’s […]

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