“I BEEN!” – new single from TweaK

Tobi Odeyale, founder of WAVES, is making music under the name TweaK. He recently dropped a new single called “I BEEN!” from his upcoming EP College Delinquent, set to release on April 20, 2019. The track also features NOUTXXHANG, Bucqqi and Jico $uave, and is definitely a track you’ll keep on repeat. Add this song to your playlist […]

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5 Promising Artists To Watch Out For In 2016

Many artists made a breakthrough this year. While we still have two months of 2015 left, it doesn’t seem too early to display a brief predicted list of people who just might take over next year. These artists are different from the usual ones you hear on the radio. Instead of being limited to one […]

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The “New” Kanye

Kanye West uploaded two “new” tracks on his Soundcloud 15 days ago, and everyone is just now finding out about it. Having never used the streaming service to share his music, the release was quite a surprise. For everyone freaking out on social media over the news, sorry to break it to you, but these songs […]

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