New single from Kansas City artist Domineko

Kansas City is consistently making its way up the ladder in the facet of music. Many upcoming artists are taking their art to further heights. Among the rapidly progressing music scene in KC is Domineko. The artist has a notable sound, setting him on the path of great recognition. His last single entitled “Venue” was […]

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New pieces from Clean Skate Co.

Michigan native George Hammond founder of Clean Skate Co., – simply known as Clean – creates minimal yet potent pieces ultimately owning up to the brand’s name. For those unfamiliar with Clean, it’s been around since 2013 before the hype of “designing” came into place. Hammond reveals he didn’t have an actual inspiration behind creating the brand, […]

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Don’t Sleep on Majestic Wordsmith Kewalnam Christ

Author Kewalnam Christ is back with new solemn and remarkable works. Since we last interviewed him and his fellow artistic counterparts, Christ has started a new content-based company called THE CREATRIX HAUS & Co., named after the collective. Their upcoming collaborative project caters to the culture by providing a platform for creatives to express themselves […]

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Lil Peep has passed away at 21

Gustav Åhr, better known as escalating alternative hip hop artist Lil Peep, has passed away at the age of 21. On November 15, 2017, reports of Peep being passed out on his tour bus in Tucson, Arizona arose before a scheduled show. Adam22 of No Jumper and also close friend of Peep later shared on […]

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Following up with WAVES founder Tobi Odeyale

Nearly a year ago we sat down with Tobi Odeyale, founder of prospering self-made brand WAVES. Odeyale discussed his inspiration behind creating the brand, when he became interested in clothes, and his creative process. At the time he was running WAVES through instagram but since then has officially started an online store. Currently, the Staten […]

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YTK delivers impressive debut album “Jimmymac”

YTK is one of Baltimore’s many on the rise artists successfully putting himself on the music industry map. After releasing singles such as “Two Shoes”, “Bodiless” and “Candace” his debut album Jimmymac has finally surfaced. Jimmymac is a compilation of relatable, thought provoking scenarios paired up with oh-so smoothly produced beats, skillfully crafted lyrics and comical […]

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Getting to know NYC based artistic collective “The Creatrix Haus”

Passionate and insightful with talent ranging from writing to pretty much everything out there briefly captures the empowering essence of “The Creatrix Haus”. The collective is composed of artistically as well as intellectually equipped individuals hailing from the inner boroughs of the bustling New York City. The group expresses themselves through nearly every medium of […]

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YTK drops visual for “Bodiless”

The DMV area is steadily thriving in the aspect of art. Baltimore native and artist apart of creative collective Arvada, YTK, delivered his subtle yet visually pleasing video for his song “Bodiless”, cleverly entitled as such correlating to the statement in the description box, “I think I’m bodiless, because I’ll always be ahead”. The artist […]

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Let’s Talk About SZA’s Album “CTRL”

Not long ago SZA was just the dreamy alternative sole female artist apart of the mainly male comprised record label T.D.E, creating intriguingly metaphorical and ethereal music discussing euphoria, nostalgia, and intimacy. At the time, not many people recognized the talented artistry she delivered just because her sound was too complex for the majority to […]

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Novice Magazine’s diverse and insightful series “Cause and Effect”

Novice Magazine has introduced a new segment under their belt known as “Cause and Effect”. The new development is “an experimental series with a little bit of everything”. The pilot feeds viewers with exclusive backstage interviews with artists, hype concert footage, insight from people on the streets about controversial issues, cooking, reviews and more. It’s […]

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