Meet Hefna380 – an indie artist on the rise


Meet Tahrell Lloyd Horne, better known as Hefna380. He’s a 19-year-old upcoming rapper hailing from the great state of New Jersey. As a child, Hefna never had the intention of rapping or modeling, but remembers being obsessed with cars. 

Hefna resided in Crown Heights, a neighborhood located in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 8, he moved to Manalapan, New Jersey. There he became a young basketball star playing in the town’s recreational league until he turned 14-years-old, but continued playing throughout his high school career.  

Life then took a turn when Hefna tapped into modeling and freelance work. Hefna’s modeling developed through Snapchat, pulling in thousands of views. He also saw an increase of engagement on Instagram. Posting freelance was fine with Hefna, but he wanted people to notice him for his music, something more genuine than just posting nice photos. In June 2019, he started recording various songs and ultimately came up with the first one titled “I Gotta Go” produced by New Jersey producer named Jflex

He started doing various promotions for his first song, posting to Instagram and Snapchat. He was determined to get people ready for his first drop. Hefna released the song “I Gotta Go” on September 20 and received 7K streams on Soundcloud the first week. A month later the song has hit 50K streams and continues to grow. In such a small time frame, Hefna received a significant amount of streams, a true milestone for an artist on the rise.

He’s now focused on dropping more songs for the duration of 2019. Tap into his new release titled “Real Rockstar” produced by New Jersey native Barely Brandon. The song is on the brink of reaching 10K streams during the first week of its release. Expect to see an EP and a few more songs before the year is over.


For more Hefna:

Follow him on Soundcloud,  Instagram and Twitter.




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