Meet Larry Greer – the creative mastermind behind Flight 94

Larry Greer is a 24-year-old St. Louis, Missouri native and the creative genius behind clothing brand Flight 94. He’s known that he wanted to work for himself and create something he would be proud of, while also leaving his mark on the world at the young age of 8. His vision came to life in 2010 when he was only 16.

I had the honor of getting to know Greer, as we discussed the story behind Flight 94 and more in our interview below.

“Going through life everyone is going to fail, but it’s through failing that you learn from your mistakes and grow.”

What is the story behind Flight 94?

I’ve always loved drawing and fashion growing up. I loved different shoes and clothes that most people wouldn’t take time to look at. I attempted to start a manga comic book, but it didn’t work out how I wanted it to. Then I tried to draw and design for Nike, but I found how hard it would be just in getting them to accept my work. It wasn’t until June 16, 2010 when my uncle was murdered in St. Louis, MO., when I started to take the idea of what I wanted to do with my life seriously. I made plans to go to Chicago for the summer to stay with my other uncle who was in the army and on the way there an idea came to me as I was looking out the car window. That idea was my brand “Flight 94”. The word “Flight” means through tragedy follow your dreams and continue to strive for greatness. Take flight and soar past all the obstacles in your way. The “94” is for the year I was born (1994). Flight 94 focuses on showcasing ready to wear cut and sew collections with street wear sensibilities. I did lots of research on the Internet on how to trademark my Flight 94 name, applied for the trademark, got accepted, and Flight 94 Clothing was born.

Obviously losing a family member has a negative effect on loved ones, but other than feeling sorrowful, how did that make you realize that you had to take what you wanted to do in life seriously?

Losing someone that close to me shocked me. It made me realize how short life is. I was already thinking about what I wanted to do when I graduated high school but experiencing that allowed me to take things a lot more serious instead of putting things off. I knew that whatever I started I had to give it my all and love doing it.

Would you say you have a brand philosophy, or something you want people to know Flight 94 stands for?

Yes, I would say that my brand’s philosophy is to never let failure define who you are. Going through life everyone is going to fail, but it’s through failing that you learn from your mistakes and grow. The word “flight” in my brand stands for the hope that everyone can exceed the expectations set against them and find happiness in their life. To become greater than what they are today. That they can take flight and overcome all obstacles no matter if you’re dealing with depression, being an outcast, being/feeling different, dealing with failure. Its even towards the ones who are doing well in life. 


Everyone has someone or something that inspires or influences them. Who or what would you say inspires you?

I’m inspired by art, cinema, life & experiences, emotions, and music.

What are some accomplishments that you’re proud of with Flight 94?

I’m proud to have come so far so fast because not a lot of people can say that. I’m proud to be able to make pieces that people love and wear years after I dropped it. I’m proud to be able to do things my way and not follow anyone’s footsteps. I’m proud of all the mistakes and failure that have occurred along the way, because they helped me grow and taught me how to be a better creative. I’m proud to still be around doing what I love as well.

I saw that Tory Lanez wore one of your suede bomber jackets, which was really cool. Has any other celebrities worn Flight 94?

Yeah! Shoutout to Tory and the whole one umbrella. They have always treated me like family. A few others have worn my brand as well such as SuperDuperKyle and DJ Envy.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 8.14.05 PM.png
Tory Lanes in Flight 94 suede bomber jacket.

What celebrities or notable figures would you love to have wear your brand?

Kid Cudi, Young Thug, Big Sean, Matthew Healy, Kanye West, Jesse Rutherford, and a lot more.

Imagine if you had to describe your brand through music. What album(s), song(s), or artist(s) do you believe would depict Flight 94 the best?

I would have to say MBDTF by Kanye West. That album was and still is amazing to me. I feel like it’s timeless as well, just like I want my brand to be. 

If you could have any photographer, creative team, platform, etc. to utilize for Flight 94, who all would you request?

At the moment I would request Donda, a photographer/videographer from my city named Paul Midzy, and a dope graphic designer because I’m in need of one at the moment.

What’s next for Flight 94?

I’m about to drop my F/W 19 collection soon and push my brand out into the world more. My main focus this year is to work as hard and smart as possible to make this one of the best years for my brand. 

Before wrapping up, is there anything you would like to say or anyone you’d like to give a shoutout?

I would like to take the time to thank anyone who has supported my brand, purchased clothing from me, gave me advice, helped me out, hated me/on me, uplifted me when times were rough, and were here since the beginning. 

Shop Flight 94 here.

Keep up with Flight 94 on Instagram.




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