Who is Rick Glaciers?

Houston’s music scene is stepping out of its comfort zone by steadily progressing with new sounds. As one of the most versatile cities in America, it’s no surprise that upcoming artists are keeping the city relevant when it comes to music.

One of those artists is Cam’Ron Evans, better known as Rick Glaciers, a Houston native creating a name for himself across the world through his work.

I had the privilege of catching up with Rick, discussing his first tour, #SOURKANDY and more.

Check it out below.

“You gotta be the change you want to see man.”

When we last interviewed you, we knew you as the founder of Univerdge. Now you’re making music under the name Rick Glaciers. What is the inspiration behind the name “Rick Glaciers”?

You know… glaciers are so powerful. They can change the shape of mountains and valleys, so I took that label and ran with it because I allude my creative direction to that. I know what I have to offer will be everlasting and sort of a reconstruction to art as we know it.

Would you say you transitioned from designing into making music or are you doing both?

Actually I’ll always be the designer first. I stepped back from my brand so I could brand myself, as well as to curate multiple forms of income [through] shows, merch, etc. I freelance design for some brands right now but for the most part, I’ve been unlocking various creative mediums [that] I possess in the time being, so I can eventually combine all of it. Everything thus far has been experiments.

Saw some posts on your Twitter from July about you performing in Tennessee. Seems like you were on a tour. Tell us a little bit about that.

Yea I went on my first tour with Slater. I actually did my first paid gigs with him in Sacramento and San Francisco but this was my first time touring. The stops [were] in Omaha, Nebraska and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Man. They were fucking turnt. Shout out to Slater for letting me experience all this shit man. It’s a dream.

Out of all the locations you performed while touring, which was your most interesting?

Nebraska for sure. I didn’t know what to expect but their local scene is fire as fuck! They really turn up man and their sound out there is fire like its dark but they trap it out you know? I also did a DJ set there and it was cool.


#SOURKANDY was definitely cool. I saw most of the event on Twitter. Tell us a little bit about that. Who all is behind #SOURKANDY?

Man #SOURKANDY was so fucking fire. I always had this idea of bringing the city together for a festive event and my manager Sepp was like let’s make it happen. I had Slater come down from California to perform and we had friends of ours like DEADTHIRD, THE STRANGERS, HEAVEN, & BBY KODIE help us build the setup. My boy Stuart cut the grass off our lot and the homie Dylan whipped together the promo video and it was all magical. Plus it was the longest eclipse of the century so it was bound to be a memorable night. My favorite thing was the liquid projection and the fact Michelle and Astrid were doing tattoos during performances.

What do you see happening at future #SOURKANDY events?

Bigger performances, more games, crazier set-ups, and more people! Over 1,000 [people] came to the first [event], so I want to make it even crazier for the people who realized they should’ve pulled up to #SOURKANDY.

As a Houston native, where do you see the city creatively?

Houston is starting to reach its potential. More unity among the artists result in there being a radiation of productivity and positivity. All we gotta do is keep that flame ignited and we can get to the top. I think every artist putting in the effort will be great as long as they believe in themselves.

What would you say to individuals who have a negative perception about Houston and its artists?

#GETOFFYOURASS. The people with something negative to say are never in the field, only watching and dreaming of change. You gotta be the change you want to see man.

Name your top three inspirations. 


Any shoutouts or closing remarks?

(BE)LIEVE IN YOURSELF, and shout out to everyone who has been rocking with me for this long. I have great intentions for Houston and I vow to hold it down for people looking at me for inspiration or just simply supporting me.

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