Sincerely, Tobi

We decided to catch up with WAVES founder Tobi Odeyale. Instead of doing a traditional interview, we wanted to take on a new approach by allowing him to write a letter.

To whom it may concern,

After almost a year of not making clothes, I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to start back doing it again. I listened to Kanye West’s new album Ye, and worked on designs day and night. My intention was to create a concise collection, with every piece having its own unique beauty. With my past collections, I’ve released large amounts of pieces with only a few of those pieces from the collection being appealing to the consumer. With this collection, Season 4, each piece is literally fire. I’ve found myself in a high creative mood, which was hard to acquire when I wasn’t making clothes. The whole production of this collection has been tough. I’ve cut off friends, females, stopped going out, stopped spending time with family to perfect this and create an exceptional body of work. Through my low points and my high points, I’ve remained the same and kept my head up high – that’s what makes me who I am. The feedback from this collection has been great so far, better than what I’ve expected. Sales are at an all-time high, and that’s just a reflection of the work I put in. To my team, Toure, Samori, Joe Vaccaro, Shek, Miguel, Ope and Cuffy, thank you all for helping me. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys. I love and appreciate you all. To my cousins Elisha, Olu and Dami, words can’t express how much I value you three. Thank you for always holding me down and I love you all. To my supporters, hope you guys enjoy this new collection and thank you for your realness and support! More fire comin’ soon.

– Tobi

Pieces from the collection:




(Photos courtesy of Nilla)

Tobi’s team accordingly. Top from left to right : Shek, Ope, Miguel, and Toure. Bottom left to right: Cuffy, Joe and Samori.





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