Palacose launches a collection dedicated to admiring the beauty of uncommon things

Ezla Lewis showcased his latest Palacose collection titled “Uncommon Objects Été 2018” at Houston’s Indigo Art Festival this past Saturday. “Uncommon Objects” is the brand’s first launch to only release 4 collections a year on the 23rd of March (*Printemps), June (*Été), September (*Automne) and December (*Hiver). *Correlated seasons in French. 

Lewis states, “The collection was created to appreciate the beauty of the uncommon things in this universe whether it be situations, people, or objects. With each collection we do our best to execute the most aesthetically pleasing way to express diversity.”

Along with the new collection included a summery campaign visual capturing the clothing in an easy-going, beach-y manner. Adding the furniture on the shoreline definitely coordinated well with the collection’s theme of admiring uncommon things.

The collection also has a look book which was shot by Nicole Aimi and creates a surrealistic feel, with dreamy hues of the sky.

This collection also introduced Palacose’s first issue of their continuous publication titled Milked Almonds, dedicated to inspiring readers while creating a better connection with the brand.

All upcoming collections will have official look books, campaign videos, Milked Almonds magazine issues and behind the scene documentations.

“We hope you enjoy everything the Palacose team puts out. We love you.” – Ezla Lewis

Follow Palacose on Twitter and purchase items from the collection on their site.



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