Virgil Abloh debuts his Louis Vuitton menswear collection

Virgil Abloh was appointed the new artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear after the departure of Kim Jones earlier this year. The news surprised many as it was favorable (and unfavorable) among many. Despite the slight critical reception of Abloh’s appointment, it was certain that he had the support of many in the fashion industry, in addition to Kanye West and the countless amount of “brand ambassadors” on social media.

Since the beginning of his career, many considered Abloh’s engineering and architecture educational background unusual in pursuing fashion. What those individuals fail to realize is that having an eye for design is heavily significant in the engineering, architecture and fashion industries. You can see Abloh’s technical strengths through the powerful silhouettes and structures of his garments.

It is without a doubt obvious that Abloh intertwined his feel of Off-White with the stylistic manner of Louis Vuitton. Just by looking at this collection you can automatically tell it was designed by Abloh, but that is why his work has prospered. His creations are definitive and familiar to his name which makes his approach to designing admired in the most respected way possible.

Around the world, the idea of inclusion and diversity is rocking the scene. Abloh definitely incorporated that on the runway with a spectrum of models from different ethnic backgrounds. He also included familiar faces such as Playboi Carti and Steve Lacy in the mix.

Overall, the show was inspirational. For those who kept up with Abloh since his Pyrex Vision brand, throughout the duration of his role as Kanye West’s creative director for DONDA, and beginning Off-White, to see him transition into being an artistic director for one of the most notable and revolutionary luxury brands in the world is truly heartening.

Congratulations to Abloh on his first Louis Vuitton menswear collection as the official artistic director.

We’ll be waiting for what he has in store next.





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