Ezla Lewis Presents FW18 Collection “Mori No Kodomo”

Ezla Lewis, founder of Palacose

Last time I caught up with Ezla Lewis, the Houston based designer was showcasing his beautiful “Felicity” collection released back in July 2017. Since then he has showcased a few more shows recently holding his fourth collection titled “Mori No Kodomo”, Japanese for “kids in the forest”. The show was part of Fashion Week Houston hosted by Fresh Off The Rail.

The designs were warm and outdoorsy, embodying a forest-like feel using nature tones and effective props such as plants and the signature Pala-bag ((KABAN.2)). Living up to the name of the collection, the models definitely looked prepared to take on the forest in an admirably modern manner.

“One of the most fun collections I’ve done,” stated Lewis. “The experience of that whole happening was a blessing and I’m really thankful for it,” he then went on to say, after being asked how he felt about the show.


Video courtesy of @joeyhuntmedia and @abramforeman

If you’re in the Houston area, be sure to show love and attend the upcoming show on March 28! You don’t want to miss it!




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