New pieces from Clean Skate Co.

Michigan native George Hammond founder of Clean Skate Co., – simply known as Clean – creates minimal yet potent pieces ultimately owning up to the brand’s name. For those unfamiliar with Clean, it’s been around since 2013 before the hype of “designing” came into place. Hammond reveals he didn’t have an actual inspiration behind creating the brand, mainly launching it when he got to college because he was bored. Accompanying his composed nature, Hammond admirably establishes that Clean is simple and lacks complexity, allowing it to be wearable in any walk of life. He also loves skateboarding, hence the Skate Co. part of the full brand’s name. Branching out from solely creating threads, he’ll be dropping boards this year. 

To start off 2018 right, new pieces from Clean will be dropping tonight at 9 p.m. EST. 

Make sure to cop something before everything is sold out!







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