Don’t Sleep on Majestic Wordsmith Kewalnam Christ

Author Kewalnam Christ is back with new solemn and remarkable works. Since we last interviewed him and his fellow artistic counterparts, Christ has started a new content-based company called THE CREATRIX HAUS & Co., named after the collective. Their upcoming collaborative project caters to the culture by providing a platform for creatives to express themselves through pieces in their METAMERICAN/L.O.V.E. 365 MAG publication.

“A content-based platform for creatives of color, focused on innovation and raw expression. We articulate from the medium between high art and street art.”



Christ is also working on his third book entitled The Science and Theories of Everything and Nothing or Flowers Won’t Defeat Samsara, based on a young playwright named Freud Pascal who leaves everything she knows behind in order to find her true self.

Kewalnam Christ’s upcoming book.

Additional to launching a magazine and constructing a third book, he’s been working on meticulous and beautifully in-depth poetry pieces which can be fully discovered and enjoyed on The Creatrix Haus & Co. website.

Definitely stay tuned for merch from The Creatrix Haus & Co., as well as the upcoming artistic masterpieces Christ and the collective have in store.


For more Kewalnam Christ:




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