Joyner Lucas is Making Serious Waves with his Latest Music Video: I’m Not Racist

Chances are if you happened to stumble upon Joyner Lucas latest track, “I’m Not Racist” without seeing the video first, you’re missing out on an epic layer of the song’s integral contrast. The video which was released on YouTube on Tuesday and has since been turning a lot of heads with its articulate summarization of current racial dynamics in the U.S., Lucas begins the song from the perspective of the videos supposed Trump supporter/ far-right middle American whose beliefs once laid out in his verse are then completely flipped upside down, in which Lucas delivers his sobering perspective, “a slap in the face” that many Trump supporters have yet to receive. As sobering as it is cinematically excellent, the video is a masterful work of juxtaposition and rhetoric that all those concerned with contemporary social issues will appreciate, and possibly sway the mind of those on the other side of such issues. You can watch the video on YouTube down below:



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