“Night Show” – showcasing rising designers in Houston

Creatives are based all around the world, constructing their individual, unique notions of fashion and art. Of course we know the usual cities that hold an impressive amount of artistic influence such as New York and Los Angeles, but there’s an increase of visionaries producing their own leverage in other areas. A city that you shouldn’t be sleep on is definitely Houston, Texas.

A pop-up shop presented by Phase8Services entitled “Night Show” was held near downtown Houston, “giving the world an advanced consumer experience” while also providing a space for local designers to showcase their recent collections to the public. The event was a collaborative effort curated by Palacose, K.I.D, RAWCO, Yonder, Josha, and M Studios. 

Ezla Lewis, founder of Palacose, held an exhibition of his “HOPES HALO” pop up capsule. Palacose is known for properly balancing out elegance with streetwear silhouettes like hoodies and t-shirts. Similar to his previous creation of the rose embellished vans, this collection included an interesting new pair of shoes covered in polka dots. 


Jordi Hernandez, founder and creative director of RAWCO clothing showcased his first pop-up collection at the event. RAWCO started in 2016 meaning this is only the beginning for the rising designer. His minimal manner of representation is clean yet efficient, making the pieces appealing to the eye. You can keep up with RAWCO by following Hernandez and the brand on Twitter. 


Robert J. Mullins, founder of Kulture is Deep, also known by its acronym K.I.D was also featured. Displayed across a table were hoodies and sweaters with the brand’s name displayed in both English and Chinese. The brand is based on “bringing all Kultures together” and promotes a sense of unity within the creative community. 


The event was filled with great vibes and allowed people with amazing ideas to network. It was refreshing to see a collective of people who love what they do come together under the same roof. Projects are currently in the works for these rising designers of Houston so be sure to stay tuned during the upcoming months. 

Caleb Covington & Justin Brown, founders of YONDER 


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