Rising St. Louis artist Matty Wood$ drops his new project “DopeBoy”

Music is not the first thing you think of when you talk about St. Louis, but that is all about to change. Matty Wood$ is here to alter the music scene in St. Louis one project at a time. The musical powerhouse just released his “Backwood Bandit EP” only three weeks ago and is now back with his debut project, “DopeBoy”. This project’s strongest component is consistency, something rarely seen in music today. At 14 tracks “DopeBoy” feels complete, every song flows so well into the next. His rhyme scheme is simple and easy to follow but also is melodic and groovy. The most impressive track on the tape undoubtedly Hobbie$ featuring Anwar, another St. Louis artist who has one of the most uniquely dark and daunting voices I have ever heard. In order to get the full feel on what Matty Wood$ is all about you CANNOT skip a single song on this tape. “DopeBoy” is on all streaming platforms. You can follow Matty Wood$ on twitter @FUCKTHESWISHERS



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