Pop Star Love; Al Futura’s Newest Creative Adventure 

Atlanta based photographer Al Futura is expanding his talents into fashion now with his new clothing line “Pop Star Love”. Al has spoken about in the past wanting to expand his creativity from just photography and this seems like the perfect time to do it. The first release from his line is tonight at 7. This first drop will consist of hoodies, pants, and beanies all with the pop star love branding in rhinestones on them. We also got the chance to sit down and ask Al some questions about his new line below.  Make sure to check out the interview and visit popstarlove.us to cop a piece from the first release.

How did you come up with the name “Pop Star Love”?

” ‘Pop Star Love’ started as my favorite combination of words. As crazy as it sounds, the words just popped in my head together one day. I started writing it on everything, even my clothes before I decided I wanted it to be my brand.”

Does the name have any significant meaning to you?
“It does now, I’ll be putting my all in to this brand for the rest of my life.”

Where do you plan to take the brand?

“I plan on taking the brand really far I want it to be bigger than me. I wouldn’t necessarily care if the people who wore my clothes knew that I was the creator or not, as long as they enjoy my pieces I’m ok.

Drew Hutton


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