A Cymple Story of Complex Minds: meet the creatives behind the brand, Cymple

We’ve said it before, and we are prepared to say it many times more: the world of streetwear is budding with creativity and talent from across the globe. Amongst the hundreds of young aspiring designers is a small brand known as Cymple (pronounced simply as, simple).

The streetwear conglomerate consists of two designers named Josh Weaver and Brandon Castañeda, two creatives who have formed a brotherly relationship while co-creating this up-and-coming style powerhouse.

I had the pleasure of getting to know the two designers, and a little more about their quickly growing brand. Read our conversation below.

What is Cymple? How would you describe your collective?

Cymple is a way of living that we recognize in ourselves and we translate that into our creative endeavors. We funnel our art from our lifestyle.

How did it all start? Give me the origin story.

Brandon (co-creator), was tripping off acid one day and had a realization that life, contrary to popular belief, is a lot simpler than we think and is very cyclical. That and in November of 2016 we wanted to start making and creating our own clothes and start designing a reality/world for ourselves.

The name “Cymple” reminds me of the word “Simple”. Am I mispronouncing or is this on purpose? Explain.

Very much on purpose. It’s a pun/paradox type thingThe collective consists of just us two. Josh (@j.cymple) & Brandon (@quesobthyname). We met freshman year in college on some How High shit and the rest is history.

You guys recently had a pop up back in April. Tell me about it.

It was our first pop-up ever. Cymple’s first introduction to the world. It was at Ethik on orchard street (Shout out Ethik) and we couldn’t have asked for a better start. We exceeded our expectations.

A lot of upcoming artists and designers feel as if pop ups are crucial in growing your brand. Would you agree with this? Should pop ups be a focus among designers and creatives?

Of course. Its direct marketing. You see direct correlations and results. So yeah we would say so.

Josh Weaver and Brandon Castañeda, co-owners of Cymple.

What other aspects are crucial when putting yourself and your brand out there? Enlighten the people.

Organization, timeliness, detail orientation, and really just staying motivated and having the willingness to work and also be okay when something doesn’t go a certain direction you thought it was going to.

When it comes to Cymple, what are some of the creative processes that go on behind the scenes? 

Everything is real organic. We get inspired throughout every day from a lot of different influences and build from there.

What’s it like working together on projects? What are the dynamics like between you guys?

Haha, we are both pretty hard headed and have pride in our thoughts so sometimes we butt heads but he’s my brother so we get pass that through just talking shit out. It’s like when a group of friends argues about sports.

Would you feel that it’s easier to create alone or with other people? Why?

Our thinking is pretty versatile. We can create alone or together. Doesn’t matter to us. It’s nice to bounce ideas of other brains sometimes.

How has the collective grown since it’s launch?

Still building the foundation so it’s just progressing each and every day.

Many creatives these days feel as if their work isn’t being recognized as much as they think it should be, no matter how many followers they may have. Being young creatives in the game, what is your view on this? How much impact do you think “recognition” has on an artist’s creative flow and motivation to create?

It could have a big impact but you shouldn’t be obsessed with it. When first starting something, especially a brand, recognition takes time and hard work.

Brandon Castañeda

What are some things that you noticed about today’s youthful creative culture that you think should be changed?

Trends. Trends nowadays create expectations and everything being saturated and it mostly comes from social media.

What are the next moves for Cymple?

LA pop-up in August. Houston pop-up coming soon and more collections and drops.

Any other words of enlightenment? 

Everything is Cymple & Don’t let the world possess you.


Follow Cymple on Twitter to know what they’re cooking up next.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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