YTK delivers impressive debut album “Jimmymac”

YTK is one of Baltimore’s many on the rise artists successfully putting himself on the music industry map. After releasing singles such as “Two Shoes”, “Bodiless” and “Candace” his debut album Jimmymac has finally surfaced.

Jimmymac is a compilation of relatable, thought provoking scenarios paired up with oh-so smoothly produced beats, skillfully crafted lyrics and comical skits. The album effortlessly delivers in every aspect as far as production, lyrics, and the overall execution of the project. It’s something you have to keep listening to just because every song is pleasing to hear. YTK displays his musical style well throughout the album, which is appreciated considering it’s his first. Compared to other artists, he has surpassed those who are on their third or fourth which says a lot about the upcoming musical mastermind. YTK is definitely next up so keep watching and most importantly keep listening.

Check out YTK discuss relationships, life experiences, and more through his ace rhymes below.


YTK’s Twitter

Jimmymac is also available on Apple Music and Spotify.



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