Backstage with Palacose’s Ezla Lewis discussing his “Felicity” collection

With the overwhelming amount of self-proclaimed creatives out there dabbling in the art of design, it can be a bit difficult to catch people’s eye. There has to be something special about what one produces, rather than just throwing bleach on a shirt or shredding garments for the distressed look. This seems to be a concept inevitable for most upcoming designers to not comprehend. Very few quality dilettantes of the industry understand that fashion is most appreciated when executed in a personalized form rather than according to trends.

Founder of Palacose, nineteen year old Ezla Lewis, manifests a promising illustrious designer in due time. He showcased his “Felicity” collection this past Sunday in Houston, Texas. Before displaying his work off to the public, Lewis was behind the scenes making sure everything was running according to plan. Models patiently waited to walk the runway, standing polished and primed.

His creations embody sophistication, create an ageless attractiveness and implement modern threads such as ripped jeans and hoodies with tailored silhouettes and classic button downs. His European inspired approach in composing this collection can be seen in the use of slight cubism with Picasso-esque faces and delicacy of colors, material, etc. Lewis’s vision is simply tasteful, refined, and appealing.


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