YTK drops visual for “Bodiless”

The DMV area is steadily thriving in the aspect of art. Baltimore native and artist apart of creative collective Arvada, YTK, delivered his subtle yet visually pleasing video for his song “Bodiless”, cleverly entitled as such correlating to the statement in the description box, “I think I’m bodiless, because I’ll always be ahead”. The artist spits enlightened rhymes with a flow so fluent and a production so smooth to match, it’s hard to find fault in such effortlessly, yet exceptionally executed work. The track is timeless, insightful, and overall just quality art. More fire will be expected on his upcoming album Jimmymac dropping soon.

Meanwhile, check out the visual for “Bodiless” below.


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Stream “Bodiless”



One thought on “YTK drops visual for “Bodiless”

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