Vince Staples’ The Aquatic Life Tour, a show that promoted creativeness and art

March 5th felt like a holiday in Lawrence, Kansas. The highly anticipated Vince Staples show has finally made its way to KU. Vince was accompanied by singer/songwriter, Kilo Kish as his opening act, and boy, did they deliver.

The night began with Kilo Kish bringing her electrifying and emotional act to the forefront. She had a DJ who had two mixers with him along with an electric guitar. I really didn’t know who to pay attention to more, Kilo or the DJ — both were magnificent.


An hour or so later came the man everyone has been waiting for, Mr. Staples. After seeing his show last year, I came into this one with my expectations high, wanting a more visual and upbeat show than what I saw prior. And of course, Vince never seizes to amaze me. This tour is in response to his new critically acclaimed LP, “Prima Donna”, performing songs like “Smile”, “War Ready”, “Prima Donna”, “Loco”, and “Big Time”. He also threw in some crowd favorites like “Norf Norf”, “Blue Suede”, “Fire” and more.

A few things that I loved about the show were the fact that there was no DJ present on stage; all of the attention was on him. He was free to move as he pleased. The second thing I enjoyed was the graphics and light show that were in-sync with all of his songs. For example, when “Blue Suede” was being played, the lights were in sync with a high-powered screeching sound that you hear in the beginning of the song. The graphics added a trippy mood to the show. I found myself getting lost in the visuals numerous times.

Vince and Kilo are still on tour for a little while longer, be sure to not play yourself and buy a ticket. You won’t be disappointed.

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