Kanye West delivers a crisp and clean Yeezy Season 5

Following his release from UCLA Medical Center, Kanye West has returned with yet another season of Yeezy. The 5th installment was held at New York’s notable Pier 59 Studios during fashion week. Traditional clothing invitations were handed out, which consisted of an olive sweatshirt with the words “LOST HILLS”, an interchange in the Calabasas, California area, plastered on the front and sleeves.

Yeezy Season 5 Invite


This collection is crisp and leans toward a more realistic execution of ready to wear, divergent from the previous seasons. West took typical materials and implemented the consistent effect accentuating that you’re looking at a Yeezy garment. He sustains the oversized, comfortable, and slouchy approach, taking a break from revealing, skin tight wear. As well as new threads, West also launched a new collaborative Adidas sneaker that resembles the typical runner shoe. More colorways are said to be released in time. 

As for the actual show itself, it received content reviews as opposed to Season 4’s fiasco composed of fainting models, unpleasant weather and an overall overwhelmingly disappointing experience. This event was prompt, organized, and had an effective enough atmosphere to be considered another exceptional addition to the Yeezy brand.

Check out the looks below.



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