Watch Ian Connor speak on the state of fashion, creative freedom, and Raf Simons on the SHOWstudio Panel

Over the last few years, Ian Connor has proved himself to be a modern cultural icon, whether you like it or not.

He is an untouchable force. As we mentioned in our 40 CREATIVES OF 2016 recap editorial, in which Ian Connor placed at #13 on the list, the man has gone through a hell of a spiral over the last year. Most would see it as a downward spiral, but Ian found it to be another opportunity to step up another level… and he did exactly that.

The 24 year old has been making nothing but power moves as of late. From the release of his Revenge X Storm footwear and jewelry and reportedly making 6 figures in 5 minutes, to traveling the world and expanding his network, this man keeps on winning. Most recently, he was asked by Nick Knight to sit down with the SHOWstudio panel in London to talk fashion, creative freedom, and of course the topic of discussion, Raf Simons’ debut collection for Calvin Klein. Watch the panel discussion above.

Drew Hutton


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