Kevin Abstract, the Suburban Superhero

Kevin Abstract, the 20 year old artist from Corpus Christi, Texas, is what culture needs today. From his fearless acts of being true to himself to talking about the current social issues of the world in his song Miserable America, Kevin is one artist most kids should look up to.

Abstract’s first project, MTV1987, was just a peek into the vivid mind of the often colored haired member of his creatively diverse musical group, Brockhampton. The multitalented bunch released their first project All American Trash last year to huge acclaim. The project was an opportunity from the individual talents of the group to expand, and open doors for themselves. Of course, Kevin Abstract took this opportunity to the heart.

Kevin with other members of Brockhampton

Since the drop of All American Trash, Kevin’s creative outlook has widened, and so has his cult-like fanbase. He recently released his debut album, American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story, which explores his sexuality and the idea of being a suburban kid and the need of having a hero to look up to. As it would turn out, Kevin Abstract just happens to be that hero for this new generation of open thinkers.

Kevin Abstract is prepared to grab the year by the throat and make it his, by all means necessary. The artist has just recently released a self-directed and written short film entitled RUNNER, which can be viewed below, and is hoping to get something going with media streaming platform, Netflix. Kevin is a true renaissance man, from his music, to his films and otherworldly music videos, to his personal style. “Kevin Abstract” is a name that is meant to be known and is an iconic symbol of today’s youth and creative culture.

“For the kids who don’t know what the next step is… keep going”, says a piece from his latest merchandise drop.

Drew Hutton

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