A brief talk with Derrick Milano — the artist preparing to takeover

One hit wonders are something all of us are quite familiar with.

Derrick Milano, the Pennsylvania born artist, is set out to become way more than that. After his hit song “Play Wit It” got over 1.4 million plays on Soundcloud, Derrick has been working tirelessly to come out with the best music he can.

I recently sat down and talked about everything, from his biggest influences, to his plans for the future. Read our conversation below.

What inspired you to start making music?

Honestly I used to make parodies and act like different artists when I was younger and so I was always making funny little videos and doing music a little. But my biggest influence to start doing music is Soulja boy, so he inspired me in a ton of ways both on the music and business side.

Were you surprised by the response you got from “Play Wit It”? 

Yeah I was actually because this wasn’t the song I expected to blow up because of how short it is, but some of the major dancers from social media like ayo and teo all started dancing to it so they helped it get big. But after they got a hold of it and danced to it then everyone was on the wave,  it really blew up out of nowhere though.

How have things changed for you since that song dropped?

Things have changed a lot actually, I have had meetings with a few major record labels since the song dropped but I haven’t signed anywhere yet. I want to sign but these labels are waiting for a big artist to get behind me though so once that happens I will sign for sure.

How did you get Coach K behind you?

Basically he’s one of my managers’ best friends and they were down in Atlanta in the studio just playing music for them and they were supposed to be playing someone else’s music for them and Coach K though it was okay so then they played my music for him and he just kept playing my songs back to back to back. So then he called me and I went out to Atlanta, we met up and I played him all my stuff and he just took interest. Right now he is just making a plan to market everything and then from there who knows what could happen.

Any upcoming projects or tours coming soon?

I’m going on a 25 tour city around the DMV with a DJ from around there. And there is gonna be a lot of artists on that tour, so I’m gonna be doing that soon. But we are gonna keep pushing the music I got out now but if those songs keep growing then the project will be coming out pretty soon after that.




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