14 year old producer Will Liardon is making a lane of his own

Will Liardon is a 14 year old producer from Austin, Texas.

For being as young as he is, Will is already creating his own lane in music with his new project, Tryathalon. This 8 track project is a small glimpse into the brilliant mind of Will and once you get a listen, you’d think that Will has been practicing music for much longer than just a year.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the young prodigy. Read our conversation below and learn more about the future of music.

Will’s set up / via Twitter


“None of my songs really sound the same… no one wants to listen to a song that sounds the exact same as the next.”

What inspired you to start making music?

Int’l Players Anthem by Ugk and Big Boi made me start producing. I heard that stuff when i was younger and was hooked on it for a cool minute and I wanted to start making beats like that, then i got introduced to Flylo, Doom, etc and thats mostly where my sound comes from.

How would you describe your sound? 

I don’t know honestly. None of my songs really sound the same, I try and keep them all different because no one wants to listen to a song that sounds the exact same as the next. I try and make my stuff sound different though, I don’t really wanna be placed in one certain genre because I don’t just make “rap” beats.

Who do you look up to in music?

My #1 idol is either Doom or Flylo. They aren’t the only people I look up to though, there is a lot of people out here who are almost like teachers to me. I also got a lot of friends who I low-key look up to, for example: Dibiase, Elaquent, Vik, and a few others.


Cover art for Will’s latest project, “Tryathalon”

What’re some goals you have for yourself in 2017?


Some goals I have for 2017 are to finally collaborate with Vince Staples, do some shows, and get better at this beat stuff, man.

What is your dream collaboration?

 My dream collaboration is probably Doom. Mostly because I have been looking up to him for so long, and he is the greatest. There are a lot  of other people I would really love to collaborate with including: Earl, Samiyam, Flylo, Knxwledge, Iman Omari, Mogillah, Ghostface, and more.

Drew Hutton


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