A talk with Spicy Samurai, 19 year old artist and designer

Drew Davis, the 19 year old rapper and designer from Kansas City best known as Spicy Samurai, has been working quietly as of late and is ready for everyone to see what he has been working on.

“Instead of going and shooting people, I retaliate by making clothes,” the creator says. Drew has a clothing line titled Retaliation, which is his first drop that will consist of a few hand-drawn hoodies and tees. From his style to his trap type sound, Davis isn’t what you would expect from a Kansas City artist. He comes with a style that some would wish to acquire. This young talented artist doesn’t conform to any specific trend or genre, except his own.

How did you come up with the alias Spicy Samurai?

It was around 8th or 9th grade and I was really into Chinese Symbols and I really like Kill Bill a lot so I don’t know I just really like Chinese things a lot. So I just picked Samurai then the Spicy part I just added because it sounded cool and had an S in it. But I ran through like 50 names before I chose this one.

Tell me about Retaliation. What’s the meaning or overall purpose behind it?

I don’t know, I mean everything was getting annoying, people were getting annoying. So I just wanted to retaliate by making some clothes because when I take out my anger on stuff I don’t go out killing people, I just go make clothes.”

What’s your inspiration when making music?

I started making music in like 6th grade, I used to really follow the wave and like what people liked but ever since then I’ve just started making my own sound. I like auto tune a lot and those vocal effects but I’m inspired by a lot of things and artists such as Future, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West.


Make sure to follow Samurai on Twitter @SPICYSAMURAI to keep up with what he is doing in this new year.

Drew Hutton


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