Grand Marquiis delivers a new fresh, self-titled gem

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Grand Marquiis is a new fresh addition to the quickly growing hip hop culture in the region. And today, he is ready to give us something new.

Grand Marquis is best known for his emotion filled lyrics over his hard hitting 808s, with heavy influence coming from Drake and Travis Scott. However, being a Kansas City native, Jazz and Soul runs deep in his blood. As a self-taught producer and audio engineer he is able to create sounds many artist would dream of. His new self-titled project is a love letter to his closest family and friends before he embarks on his journey toward his dream. I would keep an eye out for Grand Marquis in 2017. His album is being released on Soundcloud, then on December 9th it will be available on Apple Music and Spotify as well. Listen to his latest project above.

Grand Marquiis

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