Marques Martin is the “Mannequin of a Genius”

In Brooklyn, New York lives a young artist, amongst others, who goes by the name of Marques Martin. He’s originally from the DMV area, Prince George’s County, to be exact. Now he spends his days doing nothing but going to school, doing shows from time-to-time, and making music. In his own words, Marques Martin describes himself as the Mannequin of a Genius (from his song, “Hailey”).

As of now, Marques has only one, 4 minute song on his Soundcloud page and has precisely 106 followers. This one song that sits lonely on his page has almost 2,000 plays and is titled “Hailey”. The hard-hitting instrumental in which Marques crafted for the love song was meant to allow us to feel as if we’ve entered his world, standing side-by-side with him through this journey of love and loss.

In the simplest ways of putting it – this song is a masterpiece. It tells the story of a girl that Marques knew for only a week over the Summer and suddenly, she was gone. He didn’t even get a chance to ask for her last name. Martin describes Hailey as

“…The girl who only existed for a week.”

As for other music by Marques; all in good time. He is currently putting the final touches on his upcoming project that is currently titled Black Boy Brave and Afraid. There isn’t a release date set yet. However, we at Cut x Sewn have heard some of the demos. And our first impression is: a masterpiece is coming.

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