PREMIERE: “Goodnight” by Sam The Man

Welcome to the last quarter of 2016.

This has been a year full of growth for many artists of all mediums across the globe. One of these prominently growing artists is Northern Virginia’s own, artist and producer, Curfew Records head honcho, Sam The Man.

Over the last year, Sam has been perfecting his craft, working in and out of the studio, crafting his highly anticipated album, Goodnight. It was first teased at the beginning of the Summer that the album would be released on September 22nd, which happens to be Sam’s 19th birthday.

Goodnight is a versatile album, showcasing the grasp Sam has on his talent and overall sound. At the same time, the young creative is introducing us to a new side of himself and a twist to his traditional aesthetic. With production from Sam himself (under the pseudonym FLAIRPAPI), Locus, Icytwat, Lordfubu, amongst others, Goodnight is projected to go down as none other than one hell of an album, and the world’s first official look at Sam The Man.

Goodnight is available on Apple Music, iTunesSoundcloud, and FLAIRPAPI.COM. Pick your streaming service and enjoy the music.



Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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