Meet Georgina D’Angelo — the empress behind an upcoming fashion & cosmetics powerhouse

Enjoy our playlist of Georgina’s mixes as you read… 

Meet Georgina D’Angelo.

You’ve probably seen her tweets come across your timeline, and they’ve probably made you stop to think about your emotions, creative abilities, and life in general. You’ve probably also asked yourself “What does she do, exactly?” Since she doesn’t have a website, a portfolio, or even a full name on Twitter. All you can really assume is that she’s a model with a very unique aesthetic. If you’ve never come across Georgina D’Angelo on Twitter or never heard the name before, let us just say: you’re welcome. You are getting the first look at a creative genius building her empire.

Born in New York, artist Georgina D’Angelo is currently keeping quiet. She has been focused, moving back and forth between two lifestyles — the creatively energetic and fashion-forward essence of Upper Manhattan, and the state of Connecticut, which isn’t necessarily known for being a creative capital, so to speak. However, that’s slowly beginning to change thanks to people like Georgina, Jake Lord, Sam Grimaldi, and others… more on the creative culture in Connecticut later.

Over the last year and a half, D’Angelo has been working, trial and error, experimenting and testing her artistic abilities, and polishing her vision. She is at the peak, creating and perfecting her craft and her forthcoming fashion and cosmetics empire.

I had the pleasure of talking to Georgina and getting to know her over the last few months. This editorial is long overdue, but now, all your unanswered questions about this young visionary will be answered.

Georgina D’Angelo

“…people just force creativity to fit in and that’s what kills the beauty of it all.”

Tell me something about yourself.

I am Georgina D’Angelo. I am from New York, but moved to Connecticut. I come back and forth, but plan on moving back (to New York) in about a year. I enjoy creativity and I hope to do it for the rest of my life, and not just for the money. I use my creativity for the enjoyment.

What kind of music do you listen to? Might be a random question, but as for myself, music is very important when it comes to my creative process. Is it the same for yourself?

I like to listen to my mixes when I work because it fills with me energy. Besides my mixes, I like to listen to Goldlink. I am not really into that “trap” hardcore music, it disturbs my peace, but I have nothing against it. Music is very important to me because it’s another resort for relaxation. 

I have to ask you, why have you chose fashion to be your medium to express yourself?

I really connect with fashion. All my life, I have been forced or pressured to do many things that never struck my interest, and fashion just fell into place with me. Whenever I sketch, sew, or am taking shots and creating, I feel like nobody can stop me. It feels amazing doing what I love.

Have you experimented with any other mediums before you found a love for  clothing?

Yes, I paint and I mix music. Soon I will begin learning how to make beats.

Georgina D’Angelo

“The concept is self expression… so I express my feelings through clothing.”

How do you feel about there being no “right or wrong” with art? Do you feel fashion falls into that statement?

Fashion is indeed art, because you can explore and create your own styles that fit your perspective. However, with fashion there is an extent to whether it’s “right or wrong”. In my opinion, I believe that every growing designer should have the skill of sewing or at least hand-sewing. It helps your knowledge grow and allows you to open up to more options. Fashion is fashion, but logos on t-shirts and detailed designing are two different types of fashion in my eye. I feel as if sometimes some people design for the money and not the enjoyment, or to achieve anything greater. 

People don’t enjoy what they love because they are too busy trying to make money. I do agree that people just force creativity to fit in and that’s what kills the beauty of it all. 

Exactly, it’s become a wave. It’s not natural. But I want to move back to your origins, you mentioned you’re from New York but moved to Connecticut. Has this move shifted your tone at all when it comes to your own personal style and the aesthetic of your collections? New York is one of the holy grails of fashion, and I feel as if that environment was very influential for you.

It shifted my tone deeply because the energy changed in such a strong way. I am all about vibes and perspectives, and moving to a new environment was drastic for me. I was from Upper Manhattan and moved to West Hartford in Connecticut. My style has been completely the same because I dress how I feel and how I prefer. But I get my inspiration from looking at art in galleries when I visit New York or any exhibits I can find around my area.  I do have to say that New York has influenced me the most in my creation because I get most inspired when I study the movement and the art placed all around New York and it was exactly the same growing up there because the beauty just keeps increasing.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.10.09 PM.png
Georgina D’Angelo posing in a gallery.


Connecticut is cool, I just don’t plan on staying here because not many people get the vision or understand where I’m coming from. 

What have you been working on for the last year? Earlier you teased some clothing on Twitter.

This year I have been strictly working on detail. I felt personally that I can express myself with fabrics, certain style stitching, and embroidery. Although I have some items with images, I have been very focused on detail. 

Is there a specific concept, story, or meaning behind this collection? Or this the collection simply the product of your creativity and you are creating just to create, to show everyone what you can do?

The concept is self expression. I have my own perspectives and views that many people can’t seem to understand, so I express my feelings through clothing. The colorway, the way it’s presented ha to fit the vibe of how I was feeling at a certain time. I have been successful lately because every time I look at a piece of my clothing it takes me back to a certain time.

What was the experience like? — Developing and watching this collection come together?

It was very difficult because I always want everything to be perfect, so I had to start over multiple times to achieve exactly what I wanted. Once I was finally finished and saw everything I had made, I felt relieved that I had completed so much.

Despite the difficulty, was it also therapeutic? 

Yes, overall it had a sense of relaxation because all the feelings I held inside were finally expressed in my own way.

Concept sketches by Georgina D’Angelo.

Did you feel at all pressured during the process? It seems as if your next few moves have accumulated a lot of anticipation. Did this affect your creative process at all?

I felt extremely pressured because I took longer than expected to make my Summer collection, so I had a runway show that I listed as a trial because I wasn’t completely done with all my work. I was extremely happy that I had multiple errors because that gave me the chance to improve on those errors for my next collection, and now I know that it’s time to go down my own path and release when I want to. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was following the crowd, but I wanted to release when people would do their seasonal shopping, but it doesn’t matter anymore to me. Overall, I felt rushed. The more time, the more perfection.

Can you tell us when your collection will be released?

My actual release will be in September of 2016.

Fantastic. Lastly, I’d like to know of any words of wisdom you’d give to young people with an interest in pursuing a career in the arts?

Don’t stop doing something because other people disapprove. If you like it, keep doing it. One day the people who suggested you stop, are going to be asking how you did it.

Georgina D’Angelo





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