The Boat Show Tour, Unmatchable Energy, Unbeatable Experience


The Boat Show Tour stopped by Lawrence, Kansas last week and I was lucky enough to make an appearance and experience it all. To briefly sum up the event — this show was unlike anything I had ever seen before.

The show, which was lead by none other than Lil Boat himself, was powered and fully fueled by pure energy. It opened with the red-braided headmaster introducing the whole team one by one, from his little sister Kodie Shane, to Chubba, to Byou, and so on. From the first words spoken on the mic to the last, the entire sold out crowd was jumping and completely in tune with the vibes.

Then the moment everyone was waiting for, during the middle of the quality control DJ’s set, Yachty’s iconic intro to the Lil Boat mixtape “Just Keep Swimming” started blaring through the speakers, and out of nowhere, out comes Lil Yachty jumping and spitting his bars with enough energy to once again get the the sold out granada bouncing. Lil Boat followed up the intro with “King of the Teens”, “Shoot Out the Roof”, and “Out Late”

Mid performance, he left the stage to grab none other then his best friend and producer The Good Perry (formerly known as Burberry Perry). The dynamic duo then performed many of their hits, such as “Wanna Be Us”, “One Night”,  “Minnesota”, and pretty much all of your fave Yachty x Perry bangers.  Needless to say, this is a tour you don’t want to miss out on.

While you can, be sure to join the Sailing Team while they’re still on the road.

Drew Hutton


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