AyEl is putting things in “Motion”

Today, One of KCMO’s favorite artists AyEl had all of Kansas City in a hype for his latest single, “Motion”.

In comparison to everything this young artist has released, “Motion” is definitely the standout track. We asked AyEl “what this track means to him and he had this to say:

“The track, for me, was honestly confirmation of what I’m really capable of. I have been rappin’ for my whole career (the past 2 1/2 years) until now, and was highly respected for my lyrics & storytelling. Songwriting was always a passion of mine. In past interviews I’d tell anyone that. I just felt like no one fully understood what I meant by it. I spend so much time studying music, knowing what records will make it into people’s playlist, what’s radio, club music, etc. and I feel like my creativity allows me to make anything. Coming from KC, you’ve got to know to how stay relevant, since the middle of the map is always the last to get it, but keep it authentic to what you trying to do.”

That’s exactly what AyEL did.

Listen to his New Track “Motion” below and be sure to follow him on twitter @AyEL_Music.



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