A New Home for Dreamers, Welcome to “Dream For Purpose”

Creativity, positivity, and  artistry are what make up the foundation of  youth agency, Dream For Purpose.

Hailing from Washington D.C., the company serves as three endeavors all under one name: a godly clothing brand, a rising music collective, and a platform for aspiring creatives. With the once exclusivity of the art and entertainment world becoming more of a mirage, DFP is preaching to a new generation of artists. I got the chance to have an speak to the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the quickly rising powerhouse, Ricky Parker, where he explained about the concept of DFP, the future of the company, and why it’s “okay to be a DREAMER”.

From the visual for Sermon III: “SINNER WANTED”

CXS: How was “Dream For Purpose” started?

Ricky: In 2011, Dream For Purpose was started out of the desire of wanting to help people by pushing them closer to their purpose.

What was your initial vision for the company? How that changed or expanded?

The initial vision for Dream for Purpose was simply creating a brand that was focused on helping people and over time the idea expanded to clothing and even more recently expanded to advertising and music.

After generations of youth being unheard and ignored in areas of art and fashion, how has the present wave of young entrepreneurs in fashion impacted the industry?

The present wave of young entrepreneurs within fashion have made a splash within culture and we are now seeing the ripples. Today’s young entrepreneurs are using fashion as a platform for expression, allowing style to be a story about who they are and aspire to be.

Visuals for Sermon II:”Essentials”

Although DFP is known more for it’s clothing brand, the company is a creative spectrum for many different forms of art. Can you say more on the music label and creative agency associated with DFP?

As a music label we currently manage Noah-O, Chance Fischer, Michael Millions, Okay Dave and Deron. We believe in the power of music and its power on the curation of culture. As a creative agency we offer recently moved into an office in The Fan of Richmond, VA (RVA). As an agency we offer visual identity, verbal identity, brand strategy, social engagement, experiential marketing and design thinking as services.

The company has fused deeply religious undertones, such as calling each clothing collection “sermons”, with contemporary vibes in it’s clothing and aesthetic. How big of a part does religion have on DFP?

I really believe that religion divides. The essence of who we are as a brand is faith. Faith is lifestyle focused. The way someone excursus their faith can serve as an encouragement to someone else. I even have a deep desire to have conversations with people about their faith so that I can be enlightened and learn more. Dream For Purpose is ultimately a conversation about balance, because we have to have faith to live out dreams.

DFP has started a monthly art show/kickback called “Liturgy”, which exposes two local artists (one young, one already established) in the DMV area. What made the company begin this?

Liturgy is our way of giving a platform to RVA youth, and we saw the void just in conversations we were having with our interns who are in high school. We really want to help prepare the way for the next generation of creatives in RVA.

In terms of music, fashion, and visual art, what are you most excited to see and hear this Summer?

I’m really excited about Trillectro! When you think of music, fashion and visual art the festival is the ultimate melting pot for that. And I’m really looking forward to seeing Kid Cudi headline the festival.

What is next for DFP?

We will be releasing our fourth sermon (collection) entitled “The Renewal” Collection in August 2016.

What words of wisdom would you give to fellow creatives who are trying to expand their personal brand?

Study great people, visit great places and submerse yourself in whatever it is you want to do. Be the most knowledgeable person about your field. Always stay in the posture of a student and strive to learn something new each day.

Visual for Sermon III: “SINNERS WANTED”


Visit DFP’s website at www.dreamforpurpose.com/

Myka Greene

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