PHAROS EARTH — what is it? Childish Gambino’s ominous return(?)

Earlier this evening, Childish Gambino made an unexpected return to social media after almost 2 years of inactivity, since his project Kauai. As a matter of fact, he’s second on the “WHERE THE HELL YOU BEEN” list, right under Frank Ocean.

However, Donald didn’t make his return with a cheery explanation regarding his hiatus, but instead with a mysterious link to an app called Pharos Earth.

This left fans with mixed emotions. First, fans experienced a sensation of euphoria because their dreams of a notification from the inactive account came true. Second, fans experienced a brief stage of confusion as to why there was no link to a new album. Third, fans were just confused as hell after they proceeded to click the link that directed them to the app store. And finally, the fans were slightly frightened at what the app had to offer: eerie, ominous music and a continuous visual of what seems to be a journey through space. And the most mind-boggling thing, a countdown at the bottom right corner which started at around 208 trillion-something.


…Then came the theories. Of course, the obvious theories about an album dropping at the end of the countdown started circling the internet. Perhaps Donald is teasing the long-awaited Chance x Childish joint album or the possible Jaden Smith x Childish project that’s also been in speculation.

Others are saying this could be related to his other anticipated project, Atlanta, an FX show that is due to premiere this fall. But then again, why end the countdown so soon if the show doesn’t start until September? Donald is such a multitalented guy, there’s no telling what he could be doing with this. Some people have concluded that the countdown is going to reach zero around 26 hours after it was made public, which means as of this writing, there’s only 22 hours to go.

Another big question mark — I’m sure you’re all wondering what Pharos means. Pharos refers to a few things. Our best guess is that Donald is referring to Pharos, the Lighthouse of Alexandria. This is a very ancient tower that was built on the island of Pharos by the Ptolemaic Kingdom in 280 BC. It is considered to be one of the many ancient wonders of the word. 



So let’s think about this real quick… An ancient wonder of the world… Childish Gambino… App that travels through space… Approaches in a day… It’s kind of hard to connect the dots.

Maybe this app is one big metaphor for Donald himself. He disappeared for two years and everyone wondered where he went. He became a wonder of the world and was completely silent, but he is approaching us once again with something spectacular… and space is cool.

Who knows. Whatever is approaching better blow our minds. We have (theoretically speaking) 21 hours of angry waiting left. What do you think Donald has in store for us?

Childish Gambino for Complex Magazine.



Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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