Tyler, The Creator’s Fashion Show will Blow Minds and Shift Paradigms


Finally. A gift from the heavens.

California native and cultural youth icon Tyler, The Creator is set to host his first fashion show tomorrow night at the MADE LA store in Los Angeles, California. This is something that the people have wanted for years, and now, T has delivered. From the day he first announced the runway show not too long ago, the internet has been raving with hype. Just think about it… Tyler, The Creator hosting a fashion show. It has magical written all over it in bubbly pink letters. You honestly can’t expect anything, because literally everything can and will happen.

Needless to say, T has been very excited for the show and has even mentioned a “special gift” for everyone who attends.


It’s lit.

It’s clear that this event will be unlike anything ever seen before on your traditional runway because Tyler is anything but traditional. As a matter of fact, it’s become his duty to completely shock everyone. T said it himself, teasing that we’ll see dirty vans, tees, and shorts, rather than elegant, overpriced fabrics and sophisticated silhouettes. This will be a paradigm shifter for all of fashion, as the clothing displayed will be for the everyone, rather than a specific group of high-end shoppers. And that’s only one reason it’ll modify our view of how fashion should be presented.

Tyler posing with a kitty in the GOLF WANG F/W 15 lookbook, shot by Julian Berman.

Even with Tyler currently being on tour, he has very been very focused on this show and making it as beautiful as beautiful can be. He’s been tweeting daily about the event, exclaiming his excitement for everyone’s involvement and support. Will this be the best Golf Wang collection to date? We’ll all wait and see. We can damn sure say that it will be the most visually mind-blowing presentation of a Golf Wang collection to date. We’ve seen what he can do with a lookbook, what can he do with an entire runway show at his disposal?

Aside from the brief teasers Tyler has been swiftly dropping on our Twitter and Instagram timelines, there’s no telling what we can expect from the GOLF Fashion Show tomorrow night. One thing that we can definitely guarantee is that it will spark a new overall concept of what a fashion show is and should be; a time to express your personal style freely and hang with people who have a mutual love for fashion.

The man said it best himself —

If you’re unable to attend the show tomorrow, it will be livestreaming on GOLFWANG.COM for the world to see.

Drew Hutton

2 thoughts on “Tyler, The Creator’s Fashion Show will Blow Minds and Shift Paradigms

  1. Tyler, The Creator has been a forefront creative in so many ways, taking his hand to reimagining the fashion industry and its shows might be one of the most genius things T has done. Fashion shows aren’t accessible for the masses, for a number of good/bad reasons – T sounds like he’ll be making it accessible and REAL for the people / his fans. Nice one.

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