Should free music be eligible to win GRAMMYs? Chance the Rapper and 25,000 others think YES

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As we steadily approach the release of Chicago’s finest, Chance The Rapper’s project Chance 3, lovers of music have been allowing their voice to be heard with a petition that the Acid Rapper himself has been heavily pushing.

An independent artist himself, it isn’t a shocker that Chance would sign a petition that backs the eligibility of FREE music to earn the chance to win a GRAMMY Award. Ever since the GRAMMYs first began all the way back in 1959, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) has declared that music can only be eligible for a GRAMMY Award if it has been commercially distributed throughout the United States, which means the music has been sold by a label or recognized independent distributor either via the internet, retail, etc. In a simpler terminology, if you put your music out there for free, no GRAMMY for you.

Now, in a time when technology is at its highest peak and social media plays a key role in… everything, independent artists are  able to thrive without the support of a giant record label or anything else of the sorts. All they truly need is their God-given talent, a passion to create and a goal to get recognition. These artists have access to music sharing platforms like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or Spinrilla to put their music out into the world and expose it to millions. This is how a majority of our favorite artists today found their big break. From Chance The Rapper, to Post Malone, to Desiigner– the list could go on for days.

With that being said, this policy that NARAS set almost 60 years ago needs to change. It is 2016, it is a new era for music and creativity. The NARAS needs to recognize the talent that goes completely disregarded, but are extremely deserving of a prestigious, shiny GRAMMY Award.

The petition, started by Max Krazowitz, currently has over 25,500 signatures (including Chance and other acclaimed artists) and needs a little over 9,000 more to reach the goal of 35,000 and be sent to the NARAS for consideration. Do you think independent artists deserve a chance at the GRAMMYs? If so, allow your voice to be heard and sign the petition.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

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