Social media is a modern day necessity — but is it a good one?

This is the age of social media and we’re connected with the world more than ever. Although it may not seem like it, we all have power when we utilize social media. By posting a simple tweet on Twitter or photo on Instagram, we have the ability to alter not only our lives, but others as well. There are many positive aspects to social media, as well as there are many negative ones. As scary or intriguing as it may sound, social media is a tool in life that hasn’t always been around, but will last forever.



You hear a lot of people complain about social media diminishing the youth’s communication skills. In some ways it is in fact handicapping people socially. Walk into a room and you’ll most likely see everyone on their phones, heads buried into their screens, scrolling through timelines and feeds, uninterested in conversing. It can be quite annoying but if you look at the bigger picture of social media and communication skills, it actually has boosted the way we communicate with one another. Not only can we interact with our friends and family, but on a global level we can get in touch with everyone from all over. Social media links us together. We’re all unified. Trending topics can be discussed and different point of views are shared, allowing us to debate and have intellectual conversations among people we know and complete strangers. Surprisingly many people have met friends and even significant others over the internet. Definitely risky and not safe, but the point is, we’re not really at a loss with communication skills due to social media. For the sake of real life situations though, it is best if we limit our use of technology. Staying glued to your phone is a sign of disinterest and boredom.



When it comes to privacy, social media is definitely lethal. They tell you to be careful about what you post, but unfortunately someone can post something of you without your consent and possibly ruin your life. No worries though! Something will come along and soon you’ll fade away! But on a serious note, while social media is useful for multiple reasons, privacy is something that can be intruded mostly on your own terms. Stalkers are very much real so try to not tweet about personal incidents, situations, current locations, etc. It’s quite challenging to not post about what you’re doing all the time, because you want people to know how exciting your life is or whatever but try and keep your private life private, kids.




Social media has made people famous in various ways. While it has caused embarrassment and controversy amongst many individuals due to viral videos, pictures, posts, etc., it has also changed people’s lives for the better. Ordinary people can become stars overnight. People are getting their own television shows and movies just from the fame acquired from the internet. Many notable artists in the industry today jump started from social media. Of course the obvious, Justin Bieber climbed high on the ladder of success just by posting singing videos on YouTube. Odd Future’s success launched from Tumblr. Soundcloud is how loads of popular rappers today are creating fanbases and circulating their music. Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, Lil Yachty, Kodak Black, and various artists are on the rise right now, just by posting tracks on Soundcloud. Selling mix tapes and hustling around locally trying to make it big is no longer necessary, thanks to streaming services and social media.

In Conclusion….

When scandals and controversial issues arise, social media is the platform where everyone seems to go. It keeps us informed about what’s going, locally, nationally, and internationally. By being in the know, this creates a sense of unity and connection. Social media is an outlet for everyone. It’s the new form of art, that doesn’t require real life talent. Use it wisely.

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