Who are OUR musical icons?


In a period where music is constantly being created and renewed and new artists arrive everyday, we have to start to wonder who will be here to stay for the long run. Who will we look back on in 30 years and consider them legends? Over the last decade, we have begun to see the losses of artists who set the stage. The artists who gave the future of music a base to create from. Artists like James Brown, who coined funk and gave us a chance to really “get down”. Or David Bowie, who gave us the first taste of more avant-garde rock, and took an artistic twist on the rock genre. Michael Jackson, who revolutionized pop and entertainment forever. Most recently, we’ve lost Prince. passed today and the world is in an uproar.  I could go on for weeks. All of these artists are no longer with us, however they have all left one hell of a legacy that will never be forgotten and will impact artists until music is no longer vital to human existence.


I suppose the question is now — what artists of today will leave an impact for future generations? Who will be remembered? Who will go down in history as a legend? Well. In this day in age, that’s an interesting question to ask.

In today’s music, there are so many genres of music and so many different platforms being established that you could technically consider any popular artist a legend. Kanye West could already be considered a legend for his unique artistry and ability to impact millions of people in and outside of music… and his tweets. In other words, the term “legend” has changed drastically. Music legends of the past were pioneers who turned the paradigm and made something that was unheard of. Today you can literally put anything on social media and become an overnight success, or by definition, a “legend”. It might be a short lived career, but nonetheless you can become a star and leave something behind. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just comes to show how much times have changed.

Living legend, Kanye West.

Almost everyday, we watch legends come and go on our Soundclouds and other social media. However, only a select few of them will be on our everyday playlists and leave a legacy that will be remembered for multiple generations. If we can’t remember who was popular a year ago without them having to make a song every month, who really can be a legend or an icon tomorrow?




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