The Soundwaves of DJ Nolita

The acclaimed “Rock Princess with the Trap Money” and Hip-Hop/House enthusiast, DJ Nolita, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She started out as a producer and evolved into a Disc Jockey when she attended a homie’s event and finessed her 45 min mix on a CDJ. She had no idea what she was doing nor what she had gotten herself into, but the crowd loved it and she loved the crowd’s reaction. That’s the moment she knew which path to follow.

Nolita found an interest in the study of music mixing as well as music production. She self-taught herself how to DJ and produce instrumentals, with mentors such as DJ Kid Capri by her side along the way. Over the years, Nolita has built her brand on her own from the ground up, with the support of other artists in her family.

image3 (2)

“I don’t have many idols but if I had to choose someone who is most influential to me – it wouldn’t be another DJ, it would be Rihanna.” Nolita tells us, “Rihanna is a strong woman. She’s outspoken, she’s a fashion icon, she’s talented and she talks her shit – that’s exactly how I’m trying to be viewed in the industry… Strong, protective of my magic.”

Nolita has created a sound of her own when it comes to her mixes. The young producer has mastered the ways in which entirely different origins of music can move and affect each other and those listening, creating fresh sonic art.

“I want women to look at me like that, I want to do what the guys do and be equally as good, if not better. I want to challenge the industrial authority……”

You can listen to Nolita’s latest mix “GOTHIKA” below. In the mix, Nolita combines sounds from Rihanna, Kanye West’s latest album The Life of Pablo, indie Rock, and much more.

Follow DJ Nolita on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram.


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