Lil Backwood’s top 10 picks of the week


About a month or two ago, we spoke spoke with Lil Backwood — Stylist, Image Consultant, and Creative Director for both Cleveland artist 55Bagz and SSR label signed artist, Ben West — about some serious topics regarding the industry of fashion, and the current state that it’s in. To some, he’s known as Marshy – to others, a Cleveland, Ohio style influencer. Recently just having been moved to the Tri-State area, Backwood gives us his input for the best picks from this week.

 1. Vetements Titanic Sweatshirt


Vetements has quickly become one of the leading popular French fashion labels. This hoodie offers unique prints on both sleeves, a graphic, and a kangaroo pocket.

Available at: SSENSE

2.  Undercover SS16 Coat


Undercover is a leading force in today’s world. Founder Jun Takahashi consulted alongside Nigo for the early stages of BAPE, before leaving to assemble what Undercover is today. This elongated coat adds specific detailing around the collar and top, as well as pockets at the mid-section.

Available at: UNDERCOVER

3. Undercover SS16 Flannel


Flannels have been a staple garment since the grunge age in the 90s. Here, Undercover brings together an un-grungy look and design that sticks out.

Available at:

4.  Christopher Shannon Sweatshirt


One of the lesser talked about but highly historic houses today, Christopher Shannon brings together a sweatshirt for SS16 that doubles as a turtleneck with a printed message all over, surely to look into.


5. Peel & Lift Anarchy Parachute Shirt


Backwood, being the staple Anarchist of the 21st century — has his eyes set on this one. Peel and Lift has had versions of this design before, but this dress shirt with straps and prints could be paired with many things a mind could think of.

Available at: PEEL AND LIFT

6.  Juun J SS16 Ad Campaign Jackets

Juun J’s Ad Campaign Jackets which premiered on their Instagram page are seemingly simple, and resemble a trench coat with lighter fabric and separate colors.

Available at: JUUN J

7.  Juun J SS16 Slogan Scarves

Following up are intricate oversized scarves coming in navy blue and black with an embroidered pattern.

Available at:JUUN J

8. Yang Li SS16 Tank


Chinese label Yang Li debuts this frayed at the arms dress tank with a stitched on pattern of four prints down the right chest reading; “Sight, Blind, Steal, Light”.

Available at: YANG LI

9. Yang Li Sisters of Mercy Coat (Preview)


Sneak peeks of a Yang Li coat titled; “Sisters of Mercy” surfaced on Instagram. The embroidered design comes from the SS16 line.

Available at: YANG LI

10.  Gosha Rubchinskiy SS 16 Suspended Pants


Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has been recognized within the mix of high fashion and streetwear, having done collaborations with Vans and Supreme, while still being an established independent designer and brand. Here, for SS16 — a suspended cargo pant is brought to life. Highlighted with green embroidery and pocket placement, its a sure thing to keep an eye on.



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