Hudson East Releases His Debut Project “Eastway”


Soundcloud has always been an outlet for upcoming artists to showcase their work. Unfortunately, with any site that allows user-submitted content, you have to put yourself through some of the most mediocre music you’ll ever hear in your life to really get to the good stuff. On the plus side, it makes it that much satisfying when you actually do find artists with an actual plan that make good music; which brings us to Hudson East. The London native just released his debut project today titled Eastway, a 9-track EP featuring production from Syk Sense, Bijan Amir and Cut x Sewn favorite NOVA, among more. The album has no features which I’m sure was a conscious effort to ensure the audience get the full Hudson East experience. Not much is known about the singer/producer, but we can easily guarantee you will be hearing more of the enigmatic 21 year old as time goes on. Listen to Eastway below.

Alex Preston


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