Introduction To Chris Lucas

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A while back in a recent article about $teven Cannon, we mentioned Chris Lucas, as he had a cameo in the Xan Man’s “Saran Rap” video. Now, in his time to shine, we introduce you to Chris Lucas. The Cincinnati artist is a part of the collective Pink Streets/Low Life which includes $teven Cannon, Aris Ray, Louie&Friends, and Vintage Junky. With only 9 tracks on his Soundcloud, he’s sure to grow. Lucas conveys a smooth sound, and a trappy flow, he’s also a good a story teller, as all MC’s should be.


I had the opportunity to witness a live performance in Kansas City, headlined by $teven Cannon with the Low Life’s in full attendance. Lucas performed his heavily acclaimed track “Sauce”, which definitely went up. Listen to “She Need” produced by Tayo Fetti, let us know what you think, and expect more from Chris Lucas.


On My Way


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