No Jumper takes us to the FUCK THE POPULATION pop-up shop

As many may or may not know, mysterious creator Zac of the brand Fuck The Population, hosted a pop-up shop outside of Pink Dolphin on Fairfax in Los Angeles. FTP has made waves in streetwear, especially with youth culture. Things really started to pop off for this brand about a year ago, gaining attention on some very avant garde designs.



The pop-up shop brought out some frequent visitors of Fairfax – Yung Gleesh, Fat Nick and Pouya, and even Adam of the No Jumper Podcast whom recently conducted an interview with Zac of FTP, and has also done interviews with Fat Nick and Pouya, Tyler Grosso of A$AP Mob, and the notorious Ian Connor.

Many people came out to support the event, and surprisingly, no cops had to make an appearance. Considering there was a concert/pop-up shop going on in a U-Haul truck outside of one of Los Angeles’ most frequented stores, somebody had to take action. The party didn’t stop there, afterwards many people headed to one of Tyler Grosso’s events in the city.



Zac of FTP has recieved tons of support, but also a lot of backlash. A while back he stated government agencies sent him warnings about his garments. If you take the time watch Zac’s interview with No Jumper, you’ll hear how he blatantly expresses his obsessions and criticism. You could say he’s very passionate about his brand and the future of it. He has the supporters, let’s see where else he takes it.




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