“One nation under surveillance”


THE WHOLE THEME IS AN ANTI ESTABLISHMENT MOVEMENT. I consider myself a rebel with a cause, so (these statements and designs) are just my thoughts and views on America.” says Felix Van Buren, the creative force behind the outspoken streetwear brand, AMERIKANAH.

Although a very straight forward and artistically minimal design, the fast spreading, horizontally impaled colorless graphic which reads AMERIKANAH, is merely the doorstep to an artistic vision that dissects and overlooks the corruption within government practices, and this vision is voiced through very dope apparel. As a matter of fact, just a few days ago the socio-political line released yet another unique and boldly voiced collection for the Fall/Winter 2015 season.

Because there is no specific title for this collection, it speaks for itself. There are 13 pieces in total and over a million ways to define the messages within.

Perhaps the most notable piece from the collection is the Black Tee, which has the intriguing statement “One nation under surveillance” printed across the chest. A statement like that makes one think. And then it makes one realize how true it is. Obviously, this is referencing America, which when it’s all said and done, is being heavily watched at all times. Not only by allies and enemies, but by itself. Security cameras are everywhere and it has been rumored many times over the last few years that people are being watched through personal electronic devices and whatnot. However, despite all of this, this piece was actually inspired by the NSA scandal a few years ago and the ex CIA whistle blower Edward Snowden, who is notorious for revealing a hefty amount of CIA practices.

“Spelt correctly, ‘americana’ means a product of the US. And since every piece (from the collection) is made from the US, it would be a fitting name. Also, since a lot of the pieces are sort of ‘anti-America’, it’s bit contradictory.”

-Felix Van Buren

Another popular garment was the white “RIOT” Long Sleeve Shirt , which was most likely inspired by the multiple riots and protests that occurred throughout the year in response to shootings. Or perhaps this is symbolic for hype; demonstrating how the world goes crazy for materialistic items (i.e. Yeezys). The possibilities are endless, it depends on how you, the wearer, interprets and rocks the pieces.


You can shop the new collection at AMERIKANAH.US.




Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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