The young innovator behind the prospering LA-based brand Noblesse Atelier, Jeff Tang (@jefftangsworld), has released some new threads with a straightforward message. “Déchets”, which ironically, yet cleverly, translates to trash in French, is a collection which consists of reworked silhouettes incorporated with prime articles of clothing. The inspiration derives from typical streetwear, such as hoodies, jeans, basic tees, and other prospering simplistic fashions. Tang experimented with the structure of authentic garments rather than the conceptual aspect of them.

“Most of the collection is purposely as literal as it could be. But some of the garments specifically have some sentimental meaning to myself. They start off as one thing and become an entirely new garment in the end.”

Unlike many upcoming designers today, Tang’s new apparel is far from being intricate and is meant to reflect the realistic tone of attire. Overall it’s an eloquently designed compilation of dope streetwear without all of the unnecessary nonsense that everyone can easily appreciate. Each garment in the collection is a rare 1:1 piece, ensuring the authenticity even further.

The collection will be available on December 10th on



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