Get in touch with Erykah Badu’s “But You Caint Touch My Phone”

album cover.png

This past Thanksgiving, if you didn’t have something to be thankful for, Erykah Badu kindly filled that vacancy with her latest mixtape But You Caint Touch My Phone.

Since we live in a world where technology tends to intervene with the way we communicate, it’s reasonable to say that Erykah Badu has curated the most appropriate mixtape of our time. Badu has utilized the constant distraction of electronic devices to interpret love in a context that today’s society can easily understand.

The message behind the project seems to convey that our cellular devices are indeed taking over not only our lives, but our intimate relationships. In songs like “Phone Down” and “I’ll Call U Back”, Badu is demonstrating different aspects that are encountered by the “digital age”. While “Phone Down” is a song affirming that Badu can make her lover focus on her instead of toy around with their phone, “I’ll Call U Back” is about handling business and not being available at the time. These are both situations that everyone can realistically relate to regardless of any factor. Badu also presented a humorous disposition in the project with an electro/funk song entitled “Dial’Afreaq”. The word play compliments Badu’s artistry, reflecting that she purposely constructed something that isn’t supposed to be taken too serious, making it flexible in a way, fun to listen to, and easy for everyone to comprehend. She collaborated with Andre 3000 on a smooth, poetically flowing cover of the classic “Hello It’s Me” by the Isley Brothers, properly named, “Hello”. Their reunification puts the cherry on top of this whole mixtape. While there were many rumors about Drake being featured on the mixtape, Badu confirmed that he in fact was not. However, it is without a doubt that “Hotline Bling” inspired Badu to create this cleverly expressed work of art.

erykah badu



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