What do you know about Russ?

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When it comes to super talented musical artists of 2015, names like Adele, The Weeknd, or Drake may enter the conversation. A majority of music listeners these days barely recognize that chunk of vast talent that resides in the depths of the World Wide Web. This is only due to the fact that everyone’s too busy suckin’ off the mainstream artists. However, there has been a noticeable spike in the amount of recognition toward artists on Soundcloud or other music sharing networks, which is amazing. But of course, we’re still missing a few.

To cut straight to the point, 23 year-old Atlanta raised producer, rapper, and second half of DIEMON, Russ, is perhaps one of the most talented yet under appreciated artists of 2015. Born in New Jersey, Russ is just a measly half of a step down from being a musical prodigy. From producing his own tracks, to spitting bars on his own beats, or laying down some soothing vocals on a laid back instrumental, it’s evident Russ has a special talent and a passion to go with it.

Russ has around 30K Soundcloud followers, 10K Instagram and Twitter followers, 3K Facebook fans, and is heading toward 11K YouTube subscribers, and in my highly popular opinion, it’s still not the recognition that he deserves. Luckily, we found a way to swim through the following of 50K+ strong and ask the young artist a few questions.


from Russ’ “Gypsy” music video

Nabila: When did you decide to pursue music?
Russ: I think the inception started at age 7.

What do you think about the art (music), and where it’s at today?
I think the majority of artists in hip hop are unoriginal. 

Why do you feel this way?
I feel they are unoriginal because of fear. They’re probably scared of being themselves due to fear of what people will think when they are naked (completely unapologetically themselves).

Throughout your career, who or what has inspired you to create the music you do?
Literally everything I’ve heard since I was born. It all churns itself up in a pot and comes out in various combinations that I really don’t have control over.

Is there anything you live by that could possibly inspire other artists, or anyone in general?
Self belief. Passion persistence and positivity.

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via @russdiemon


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Twitter @russdiemon

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Nabila Keita


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