Oh, another Supreme x North Face collab


Supreme loves doing collaborations with The North Face more than any other brand. They have one of those business relationships where they enjoy working together so much, that the results are often iffy at best. I’m not going to throw official shade by including pictures, but a quick Google search should confirm my point.

However! This season’s collab, which drops today at 11am EST, confirms they can still produce total bangers when they put their minds to it. All over prints, when done well, are a consistently solid move. And while the word “Supreme” is fairly small on all these pieces, “By Any Means Necessary” is written in the good ol’ Futura Heavy Oblique font, so maybe that counts?

Most notably, this collab visually references the Illegal Business hoodie, which has one of the best badass-backstory-AND-fire-design combos from Supreme’s archives. Wanna know the backstory? Look it up, chumps. Oh yeah, also highly concentrated down filling, some lining, and a special shell or something so you can stay cozy during all the extreme adventuring that you’re totally gonna do this winter.


Bliss Foster

Bliss Foster is a little too into menswear. You can find him on Twitter here and check out his other photo projects on Flickr here


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