Review: Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock


This past Saturday saw sneakerheads, fashion bros, and Kanye stans converge on local shops to ask the same question: “Y’all still got Yeezy’s?” The smart ones did so after a sleepless night of hitting refresh online, and nearly everyone left disappointed.

But somehow, I did not. Due to a weird raffle come-up, I got the opportunity to spend $200 on kicks that currently resell at $1,200. Real quick, before we move on, I love sneakers but who the everfucking fuck pays $1,200 for a piece of footwear? Like, what could possibly affirm the extra $1,000? Is some lonely sneakerhead defaulting on his mortgage but it’s ok because he gets a raise? Or gets head? Or gets to witness the birth of a star? I digress, fam.


First thought: oh, so these are just shoes with landing pads in the soles! Anyone who owns sneakers with Adidas’ Boost tech knows the feeling of walking around on this stuff; it’s outstandingly squishy and easy on your feet. Plus, the Primeknit upper brings an awesome breeze through the shoe. Unlike the 750, this model is actually comfy: dare I say, superduperly so.

Kanye’s FN Achievement Award winning silhouette is best served in its Moonrock colorway. Ye’s “shoe of the people” needs a cohesive, neutral palette, and he nailed it this third time around. The kind-of-grey-with-maybe-some-green-in-it tone suits the volatile look of the shoe’s landscape and textures. Plus, this color goes with any outfit imaginable. I wouldn’t trade this colorway for my size in the other two combined.

Stay tuned for my follow-up review on these after six months of regular wear. They look and feel incredible, we’ll see how they hold up.

Photography by Bliss Foster

Bliss Foster

Bliss Foster is a little too into menswear. You can find him on Twitter here and check out his other photo projects on Flickr here


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